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Backup Cloud

Keep your files and data safe with our Backup Cloud solution. We offer a range of server and workstation solutions to cater for single computers to multiple business machines.

Cloud Services

Our cloud services are all based in high security UK data centres providing fast, reliable, and secure access to all of our services.


Our remote support services enable us to connect to your computer and fix issues without having to visit you. We offer ad-hoc support as well as managed support services.

Hosted Services

Our hosted Email and SharePoint solutions keep your core business communication services operating with no infrastructure costs to your organisation.

Backup Cloud

Keep your data safe using our secure backup cloud. Fully automated once initially setup and from £0.20 per GB / month. We offer a range of packages to suit different storage requirements as well as solutions for both workstations and servers.

Why use a cloud storage backup service? Backing up your files at home makes sense and has in the past been the most common method of keeping your files safe; this however does have drawbacks. You generally have to manually set your files to backup, if you have a theft, fire, or flood at home you can lose your backup too, and finally, your backup hard drive could also fail.

Cloud storage services allow your files to be automatically copied to large data centres that store your files securely and privately on large drives across multiple servers keeping them very safe. With Internet speeds ever increasing the demand for cloud backup services is rising

Web Design / Hosting

We offer standard and bespoke web design packages. Each is tailored to your unique requirements. We also offer managed solutions to keep your website updated including making your content changes to it if required. All of our websites come with an administrative panel to allow you to easily make content changes yourself.

To accompany our web design we offer hosting for all of our websites if you wish to use us instead of seeking another third party or having the hassle of hosting yourself.

Our hosting services run on high availability platforms ensuring your website will always be available.

  • Support calls that can be resolved remotely 80%
  • Support calls responded to within 1 hour 90%
  • Support calls responded to within 4 hours 95%
  • Support calls resolved within 2 hours 80%
  • Support calls resolved within 24 hours 95%

Support and Managed IT Services

We offer managed service level support across business as well as support on an ad-hoc basis for both business and consumers. With our managed services we implement monitoring across your network to keep you running and to resolve problems before you even spot them.

Our remote support is based only within the UK by IT professionals who have worked in the support arena for numerous years. There are many advantages to remote support from not needing someone to visit your home or business to a reduced cost since there is no need to travel to your properly. In addition to this it is fast and enables us to support any customer within the UK.

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Office 365

Thinking of moving to Office 365 for yourself or your business? We can offer the range of Office 365 products at excellent pricing and scalability in numbers. If you need to move your existing email system to Office 365 we can assist with that too to make your transition proceed with minimal disruption.


We offer a range of Internet Security products to keep your devices secure including PC’s, MACs, Smartphone and tablets. We can also remotely administer your devices for you to keep them fully updated at all times.