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Apple’s upcoming release doesn’t look too good for those of us currently happily wearing our original Apple Watch that pre-dates watch series 1, 2 or 3. Apple’s latest watch operating system, watch OS5, will not be available for the original Apple Watch.

Launching later this year, currently rumoured to be September, OS5 will bring further enhancements to Apple Watch, a device I use daily. For me, some of the apps are not great on such a small screen. However, there are things I use if for regularly. Primarily, I use mine for notifications, Apple Pay, as my Oyster card for public transport, and for tracking my activity. There are some features I use very irregularly such as to answer phone calls, mainly due to the quality. Items like this are still useful but in a very limited setting. I only ever for calls when doing things like washing up when my hands are wet and I don’t want to reach into my pocket to get to my phone.

Now, to get back on track, OS5 brings a whole series of enhancements to your Apple Watch assuming unlike me, your device will support it.

Activity and Health Tracking

Even today, you can share your activity levels with friends and family who also use Apple Watch. OS5 takes this to a new level allowing you to challenge others to competitions. We all exercise better when under the pressure of a challenge or competition and OS5 aims to help us push ourselves that little bit further, and try that little bit harder with our health. In addition there are additional activity methods, pace alerts, and even automatic workout detection for when you forget to start tracking your activity, something I do all too often.


We all loved these as kids and Apple have decided to incorporate this functionality into our Apple Watches. Whilst some might see this as a gimmick app this could actually have some great real world applications for business. Sure, this is going to be a fun feature (albeit somewhat annoying) for catching up with friends to get quick answers. However, it is that very ability to get an immediate and quick response that could prove an opportunity in a business setting.

Instant messenger applications like Skype and its business alter-ego Skype for Business has changed the way we communicate in business. The Walkie-Talkie app could bring that to your wearable smart tech. Only time will tell if this will take off but at face value, this could be an interesting one.


Since I use my Apple Watch for notifications more than anything else, the enhancements to this area look good. For a start the new smart notifications allow you to see multiple notifications within an App which. If you receive as many as I do throughout the day, can only be a good thing.

Rather than turning on DND (Do Not Disturb) and then forgetting to turn it off again, you can now set DND for a set period of time before it will automatically turn itself back off.

There are many other features being added such as a smarter Siri that learns what you want with customisations to your Siri phone screen.

For more details check out Apple’s OS5 web page at

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