Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 1-Device 1 year


Kaspersky Internet Security 2017
Your computers and mobile devices help you get more out of your life – so it’s vital they’re all protected. Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 delivers award-winning, easy-to-use security technologies – to help you protect your PC, Mac and Android phone & tablet against the very latest viruses, attacks, spyware, cybercrime and more.

  1. Helps keep you safe from viruses, spyware and more
  2. Secures your PC, Mac and Android phones & tablets
  3. Protects your privacy and your personal information
  4. Adds extra security for online shopping and banking
  5. Safeguards kids – via Parental Control on PC & Mac
  6. Lets your devices perform as they’re designed to
  7. Simplifies your security – with easy, online control


Secures your devices against viruses, attacks, fraud, spyware, cybercrime and more
Because you need to guard against ‘digital dangers’, our security defends you against infections & attacks, blocks banners* & spam, keeps your software up-to-date and warns about dangerous websites.

Protects your PC, Mac and Android phones & tablets – with just one license to buy 
Every device you use can compromise your security. So we’ll help you protect all your devices – plus lock, wipe & locate your phone & tablet if they’re lost or stolen.

Helps you protect your privacy – against phishing, spying & online behavior tracking
Don’t let snoopers and phishers steal your confidential data. We’ll help you guard your personal data, prevent online activities being monitored, block unauthorized webcam use and protect data when you connect to a public network.

Automatically adds an extra layer of security when you’re online shopping or banking
Fraudsters are constantly on the lookout. So our unique security technology helps you protect your money and your account details – to stop fraudsters stealing them.

Includes Parental Control – to help you protect kids against online dangers and more
Because children are vulnerable, our Parental Control features help you steer kids away from online dangers, block inappropriate content and manage messaging on social networks.

Works ‘behind the scenes’ – so your devices can perform as they were designed to
Security shouldn’t slow you down. So our protection technologies work ‘behind the scenes’ – and that means your computers and mobile devices can help you keep up with your busy life.

Simplifies your security – so you can set up your protection from any online device
Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 gives you a free My Kaspersky account that makes it easy to manage your security from anywhere you can get online.

Internet connection required
Webcam Protection technology only runs on PCs & Mac computers. The feature is available for a range of compatible web-cameras. For the full list of compatible devices, visit www.support.kaspersky.com
Minimum screen resolution: 1024×600 (for Windows-based tablets), 320×480 (for AndroidTM devices)

800 MB free space on the hard drive
Internet Explorer® 9 or higher
NET Framework 4 or higher
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / Windows 7 & Vista® SP1 or higher
Windows XP Home / Professional (32-bit) SP3 or higher / Professional (64-bit) SP2 or higher

Processor: 1 GHz or higher
Memory (RAM): 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)

WINDOWS-BASED TABLETS (system with an Intel® processor)
Windows 10 / 8 & 8.1 / Pro (64-bit)

770 MB free space on the hard drive
Memory (RAM): 1 GB
OS X 10.9 – 10.11

Android 4.0 or higher
iOS® 8.0 or higher
Windows Phone® 8 Full details on System


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