Mobile Phone Airbag

The Mobile Phone Airbag

An engineering student at Aalen University in Germany has come up with an ingenious mobile phone airbag. Designed to prevent the common smashed screen scenario, it could end the era of destroyed devices. This cunning design could save the average consumer hundreds of pounds in repair bills.

Whilst in early stages for design, a kickstarter project is currently underway to get this concept off the ground. It certainly needs improvement in the design to make it far more aesthetically pleasing but brilliant none the less.

The Problem

From the very first piece of portable electronics with a screen, smashed displays have always been an issue. Many companies have tried their luck at solving the problem in their own individual ways. From the phone manufactors making drop resistant displays to the thousands of cases available for your device. Most ideas of protecting your device have been in one of these two ways but this approach takes protection to a new level.

How does it work

The concept is for a relatively slim case which houses 4 sets of prongs on each corner. For normal operation it will look like a standard phone case. However, as soon as the case detects the phone is in free fall it deploys the prongs. Each prong set pops out from the case in milliseconds to cushion the device against an impact.

One of the most significant advantages is the ability to reset the case very quickly. Once deployed the prongs can be very easily and quickly pushed back into the case making it ready for your next accidental drop.

The prongs have been specially designed to be ultra springy and significantly reduce any impact that the phone experiences. With the time taken for the case to detect freefall and deploy its prongs, it is able to cushion an impact from only a few inches from the ground. This makes it viable in almost all phone drop situations.

Due to the design it is able to protect your device irrespective of what angle your phone hits the ground. Side, Corner, face down, it doesn’t matter. Whatever the fall situation the mobile phone airbag protects your device.

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